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Discover our wide range of products and materials for your ventilation projects. Pulsar Matériaux supplies companies with ventilation projects in Brussels and the surrounding area. Discover our products for the installation of ventilation systems. You will find all the necessary tools and parts in your Pulsar Matériaux shop in Brussels.


Our tools and materials for ventilation systems

Pulsar Matériaux supplies you with materials for ventilation systems. You will find quality products at good prices for your work and installation of ventilation systems. In our shop located in Brussels, you will find everything you need to complete your work for well ventilated homes, offices and rooms. Whether you want to buy controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV), heat recovery ventilation or a simple fan, Pulsar Matériaux is your ally. Discover below our different products for your ventilation projects.


Our favourite brands for your ventilation equipment


Pulsar Matériaux offers you the best brands for your ventilation system installation work. To buy fans, ventilation systems or other, let our professionals advise you and find the equipment that suits you best. We offer the leading brands of ventilation equipment to ensure optimal ventilation, reliability and safety. Discover the different brands we offer for your ventilation work.


Frequently asked questions about ventilation


What are the advantages of a controlled mechanical ventilation system?

Installing a mechanical ventilation system allows you to ventilate and air your home and a room properly and improves the air quality by eliminating humid and stagnant air. A mechanical ventilation system allows you to control the ventilation of a house and therefore to manage the ventilation as you wish.


What is the price of a mechanical ventilation system?

The cost of a mechanical ventilation system varies according to the model chosen. There are different types of CMV: single flow CMV, self-regulating single flow CMV, double flow CMV, static double flow CMV, thermodynamic double flow CMV. The single flow system costs about 600€ and the thermodynamic double flow system is more expensive and can reach 15 000€. To obtain a free estimate, make a direct estimate of the price of your ventilation system via our estimate request form.


How does a ventilation system work?

It’s quite simple, the air is captured and ejected to the outside via exhaust ducts. This makes it possible to renew the air in the rooms where the ventilation system is present. The ventilation system consists of a motorised extraction unit, ducts, air extraction vents, air inlet grilles and an outlet located on the roof.



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