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Everything for your electrical projects


Discover our wide range of building materials for your electrical worksites. Pulsar Matériaux supplies companies with electrical work sites in Brussels and its surroundings. Discover our products for this type of work. You will find all the tools and parts needed for your electrical work in your Pulsar Matériaux store in Brussels.

Our tools and materials for electricity


Pulsar Materials provides you with materials for electrical worksites. You will find quality products at good prices for your construction sites. In our shop located in Brussels, you will find everything you need to carry out your project for the best lighting solutions. Whether you want to supply yourself with circuit breakers, sockets, cables, sheaths and conduits, electrical wires, socket switches or lamps, Pulsar Materials is your ally for a well-executed project. Discover below our different products for your electrical projects.


Our favorite brands for your electrical equipment

Pulsar Matériaux offers quality brands for your electrical work. To buy switches, bulbs, cables or other, get advice from our construction professionals and find the brand that suits you best. We offer the biggest brands of electrical equipment to guarantee impeccable quality, reliability and safety. Discover below the different brands we offer for your electrical projects.


Frequently asked questions about electricity


How many sockets can I install on a fuse?

On a domestic installation, a circuit can support a maximum of 8 sockets. You can mix single takes and multi takes.


How to install an electric switch?

There are different models of switch so the installation changes from one model to another. Mounting an electrical switch requires know-how and requires compliance with safety instructions. Identify the type of switch you have to deal with, there are two main families: the switch for recessed installation and the switch for surface mounting. Then, you must know the electrical characteristics of the switch: its maximum voltage, its protection index and its maximum intensity. Once these preparations have been made, you can proceed with its installation.



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